Are You Ready to Up Your EDC with a Wholesale Double Action OTF Knife?

Are You Ready to Up Your EDC with a Wholesale Double Action OTF Knife?

Do you want to upgrade your everyday carry (EDC) with something special? Consider investing in a wholesale double action OTF knife. Equipped with the latest technology, these knives are extremely useful and reliable.

The Benefits of a Double Action OTF Knife:

  • Versatile: This type of knife makes a great tool for everyday tasks, as well as for more specialist activities like hunting and skinning.
  • Quick Deployment: You can easily ready your knife in an instant with just a simple flick of the wrist!
  • Discreet: Because these knives are pocket sized and have a low profile, you can slip it into your pocket without anyone noticing.
  • Safe and Secure: Double action OTF knives feature two buttons for closing and opening the blade, making them much safer to use than single action OTF’s.

Where to Find Wholesale Double Action OTF Knives?

There are a variety of sources to purchase wholesale double action OTF knives. You can purchase directly from online OTF knife distributors, or shop websites like eBay or Amazon. Many brick-and-mortar retailers also offer a variety blade types and styles, ranging from standard OTFs, to mini OTFs, to designer variants.


Wholesale double action OTF knives are a great way to upgrade your EDC. Versatile, discreet, and easy to use, they can handle everyday tasks like light cutting and slicing, and more specialist activities like skinning game. Be sure to shop around for the best deals from a variety of sources, and enjoy the advantages of a double action OTF knife.

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