Become a Wholesale OTF Knife Expert: Tips and Advice

Become a Wholesale OTF Knife Expert: Tips and Advice

Deals on Out the Front (OTF) knives can be found in abundance in the world of wholesale knives. Knowing which types of knives are the best out there can help you become a wholesale OTF knife expert. With these tips and advice, you will be well on your way to becoming an OTF knife aficionado!

Know The Knife Types

The first step to becoming a wholesale OTF knife expert is to know the different types of OTF knives available:

  • Single action – A single-action OTF knife is operated by a simple trigger mechanism. It correctly opens the blade and the blade remains in the open position until a second action (pushing of the thumb in the new direction) is set to close it.
  • Dual action – A double-action OTF knife has two triggers. It can open as well as retract with a single pull of the trigger. This makes it faster and easier to use.
  • Lever action – The lever action OTF knife is opened with a lever on the side of the handle. It opens the blade with a single motion, with the tip of the blade pointing forward. It takes a little getting used to but it is an effective way to open a knife.

Brand Matters

Brands matter when it comes to buying wholesale OTF knives. Quality brands will last longer and are trusted to offer excellent performance. A few top brands to look for include Schrade, Boker, Protech, and Benchmade.

Consider Price Point

It’s important to consider the price point of OTF knives as you shop. Price points can range from as low as $50 to as high as $400+ depending on the brand and blade style. Keep in mind that the higher the price point, the higher the quality of knife you will get.

Find a Reliable Seller

Finally, when shopping for wholesale OTF knives, make sure to buy from a reliable seller. Look for reviews and feedback from past buyers to make sure the seller is trustworthy. This will ensure that you don’t end up with a fake or substandard knife.

Becoming a wholesale OTF knife expert is a journey, but with these tips and advice, you can become an expert in no time! So get out there and start browsing for the perfect OTF knife!

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