Discover the Benefits of Double Action OTF Knives

Discover the Benefits of Double Action OTF Knives

OTF (Out-The-Front) knives are the most sought-after knives for self-defense and EDC (everyday carry). The DAA (Double Action Automated) mechanism is the new generation OTF that has several advantages:

Quicker Operating System

The primary benefit of double action OTF knives is the faster opening. Thanks to the dual action mechanism, you can open and close the blade with a single hand. This is extremely convenient when you need to act fast and don’t have time to mess around with two-handed tools.

Safer Operation

Traditional OTF knives come with a button that you must press to make the blade emerge. This can be dangerous, as there’s always a chance of accidentally cutting yourself. Double action OTF knives, however, don’t require you to place your thumb close to the blade; instead, you can toggle the blade open with a linear motion. This means that you’re much less likely to accidentally cut yourself.

Tighter Lockup

Double action OTF knives also have a much tighter lockup than manual OTF knives. This means that you have confidence in the performance of the knife, knowing that the blade is securely locked into place.

User Friendly Design

Finally, double action OTF knives offer an incredibly user friendly design. The ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip, while the light weight (usually around 1-2 oz) makes them perfect for carrying and using on-the-go. The pocket clip is usually snag-free, and the deployment is smooth and easy to pull off.


For self-defense and everyday carry, double action OTF knives offer the perfect blend of convenience, safety, and performance. If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional folding knives, consider giving a DAA OTF a try. You won’t regret it!

Benefits of Double Action OTF Knives:

  • Quicker operating system
  • Safer operation
  • Tighter lockup
  • User friendly design

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