Everything You Need To Know About Out The Front Knives: A Comprehensive Guide

Everything You Need To Know About Out The Front Knives: A Comprehensive Guide

Out-the-front knives, also known as OTF knives, are a type of automatic folding knife with a blade that springs out the front of the handle when a drive button is pushed. OTF knifes are one of the safest types of knives, as the blade retracts as soon as it is engaged, unlike other knives that require you to use two hands for safe operation.

Benefits of an Out-the-Front Knife

  • Speed: As OTF knives open rapidly due to their unique design, they offer users rapid access to their blades.
  • Safety: OTF knives feature a recessed blade, meaning that it will be less likely to accidentally cut you when in use.
  • Compact: An OTF knife can be considerably shorter than other knives, as its blade must not be forced outside of the handle manually.

What You Need To Know Before Buying An OTF Knife

When buying an OTF knife, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • The laws in your jurisdiction may restrict the size and carry of OTF knives.
  • OTF knives may require more maintenance than other types of knives.
  • OTF knives may be harder to find, as they are a specialist type of knife.

OTF Knife Maintenance

An OTF Knife must be properly maintained for it to last. Some common maintenance tips for OTF knives include:

  • Be sure to keep the moving parts of the knife lubricated to prevent wear.
  • Clean the knife regularly to ensure it performs as it should.
  • Check the knife for any loose parts or damage that could impact its performance.


OTF knives offer users a level of safety and speed that many other types of knives cannot. Before purchasing an OTF knife, make sure to be aware of any laws and regulations governing the knife and maintain your knife regularly for maximum performance.

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