Learn How To Properly Use A Double Action OTF Knife

Learn How To Properly Use A Double Action OTF Knife

A double action Out The Front (OTF) knife is a pocket-sized tool that combines the convenience of a folding knife with the speed and efficiency of a switchblade. It is a great handy tool to have on your person, but with these knives, there are certain precautions that must be taken to make sure that you stay safe and injury free.

Safety Tips

  • Always be aware of where the knife is when it is open. You do not want to accidentally poke yourself or someone else. Always keep the tip of the blade pointed away from you and others when the knife is open.
  • When closing the blade, keep your fingers on the side of the blade so that they do not get pinched between the blade and the handle. Also, when closing the blade, look away to avoid any pieces of cloth that may be in the blade path.
  • Be sure to keep the knife clean. Oil the hinge points and all moving parts regularly, using food grade oil if you intend to use the knife for food preparation.
  • Check the knife for any issues. If the knife is having any problems when opening or closing, stop using it immediately and have it repaired professionally.

Maintenance Tips

  • Do not expose the knife to extreme temperatures. OTF knives should not be exposed to temperatures above 150 degrees Fahrenheit as this can damage the internal mechanisms of the knife.
  • Clean and dry the knife after every use. Residue such as dirt and food can affect the components of the mechanism if not removed. If using outside, make sure the blade is wiped down and the handles are kept dry.
  • Oil and lubricate all moving parts. This will ensure the smooth functioning of the knife, and help maintain its condition for a longer period of time.
  • Store the knife properly. Make sure the knife is stored in a secure place away from children and pets. The knife should be stored in a dry location and out of direct sunlight.

OTF knives are very helpful tools to have, but they must be used and maintained properly to ensure your safety and the proper functioning of the knife. With the right knowledge and precaution, these knives can be a great asset to you.

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