OTF Knives: A Guide for Wholesale Purchasers

OTF Knives: A Guide for Wholesale Purchasers

OTF, or Out-the-Front, knives have become increasingly popular in the past few years. They offer a number of benefits that make them ideal for a wide variety of tasks and they are available in a variety of styles and designs to suit a range of uses. But when it comes to purchasing OTF knives, wholesale purchasers want to be assured of quality and value for money. This guide will explore some key considerations for wholesale purchasers to keep in mind when buying OTF knives.

Check the Quality of the Material

OTF knives are produced from a range of different materials and it’s important to check the quality of all the components. Look for quality steel, aluminium and plastic materials that offer strength and durability. Always check for any damage or signs of wear and tear before buying.

Check the Design

When it comes to OTF knives, the blade design is especially important. Many knives are double-edged and feature a tanto or spear point blade. Consider the length and shape of the blade and make sure it is designed for the task you intend to use it for.

Evaluate the Safety Features

Safety is an important consideration for all OTF knives, so check that the blade has a secondary safety lock. This feature prevents the blade from opening accidentally, reducing the risk of injury.

Check the Price

Wholesale purchasers need to consider their budget when buying OTF knives. Look for deals that offer good value for money, while still ensuring the quality of the material and design. The best way to compare prices is to shop around and check online outlets as well as physical retailers.

Check the Warranty

Finally, check that the OTF knife you buy is covered by a comprehensive warranty. This will give added assurance should you experience any issues with the knife.


OTF knives offer a number of advantages and come in a range of styles to suit all needs. When purchasing OTF knives at a wholesale or discounted rate it is important to check the quality of the material, design, safety features, price, and warranty. This will help to ensure that the knife will meet your needs and provide good value for money.

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