OTF Knives: Understanding the Benefits of Double Action Models

OTF Knives – Understanding The Benefits of Double Action Models

OTF (Out the Front) knives are becoming increasingly popular for police, tactical, and self-defense purposes due to their convenient size and proper course of action. OTF knives are a type of knife with a blade that is slid out the front and pushed back into the handle. Double-action OTF knives add on the convenience of a single-action enabling either manual or automatic operation of the blade, providing quick action and easy deployment.

What Are The Benefits of Double Action Models?

Double action OTF knives provide several advantages over single action models, including:

  • Quick Deployment – Double action knives can be used either manually or automatically, allowing you to quickly deploy the blade when needed. This feature is especially important for emergency or tactical situations.
  • Security – This is especially important for those using OTF knives for self defense. The double action feature allows you to leave the knife in the halfway-open position when not in use, so it’s ready for a quick deployment but still prevents accidental firing.
  • Adaptability – Double action models are versatile, allowing you to use them in either manual or automatic mode. The ability to switch between the two modes makes them a great choice for those who need a knife that’s flexible enough to use in different circumstances.
  • Convenience – Compared to single action OTF knives, double action knives offer more convenience, as the manual and automatic modes make them simpler to deploy and use. This is especially helpful in tactical and emergency situations where speed and agility are needed.


OTF knives offer an array of benefits, and double-action models are increasingly popular. With their quick deployment and secure operation, double-action models are great for a variety of uses and many people find them especially beneficial for self-defense. Whether for police work, tactical use, or everyday carry, double action OTF knives provide the features and convenience needed for quick action and easy deployment.

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