The Evolution of Double Action OTF Knives: From Military to EDC Must-Have

The Evolution of Double Action OTF Knives: From Military to EDC Must-Have

OTF knives, also known as “auto knives”, have become an EDC must-have for both civilians and the military. OTF stands for Out-The-Front, and the double action OTF knife is a unique and powerful tool. Here’s an overview of OTF knives, their history and usage.

A Brief History of OTF Knives

OTF knives first got their start in the late 1800’s with a French patent for an automatic knife. It wasn’t until the 1960’s when the double action mechanism came onto the scene. This invention revolutionized the manufacturing process and made double action OTF knives much easier and safer to use.

The Advantages of Double Action OTF Knives

Double action OTF knives offer several advantages over traditional pocket knives, fixed blade knives, and other automatic knives. With a double action OTF knife, you can:

  • Deploy the blade quickly: You can open the blade with a single hand and only one thumb press, making it an extremely fast and convenient tool.
  • Keep the knife closed safely: The double action mechanism keeps the blade locked in place when you’re not using it, preventing any unwanted accidents.
  • Retain the blade within the handle: When the blade is closed, it’s stored securely within the handle, keeping it from digging into your pockets or making a mess in your bag.

From Military to EDC Must-Have

Double action OTF knives have become a favorite of both military and law enforcement personnel as well as civilians. They’re lightweight, easy to carry, and capable of quickly slicing through rope, fabric, and other materials.

The popularity of double action OTF knives has grown in recent years, due to their safety, convenience, and versatility. From outdoor adventures to everyday tasks, double action OTF knives are an essential tool for anyone who is serious about their EDC.

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