Why a Double Action OTF Knife Is the Perfect EDC Tool

Why a Double Action OTF Knife Is the Perfect EDC Tool

Out-The-Front (OTF) knives are growing in popularity as a classic tool for everyday carry (EDC). OTF knives feature a slim, lightweight design and a unique feature that sets them apart from other knife types, a double-action firing mechanism.

Benefits of a Double Action OTF Knife

  • Ease of Use: The double-action firing mechanism enables you to open and close the knife with one simple motion, making it super easy to use.
  • Safety: As you open and close the knife, the double-action firing mechanism helps prevent accidental injury caused by the blade.
  • Compact Size: The OTF’s slim design makes it small enough to fit into tight spaces, making it ideal for storage in a pocket or small bag.

Why Make a Double Action OTF Knife Your EDC?

For those who value ease of use and safety, a Double Action OTF Knife should be your everyday carry choice. Its lightweight and compact design makes it perfect for carrying in any pocket, and its double-action firing mechanism ensures a safe operation, every time.

OTF knives feature a unique blade in comparison to other knife types because the blade slides out of the handle during operation. This feature not only reduces the chance of accidental injury, but makes it easier to access the blade and get to work.

Whether you’re looking for a reliable pocket knife for everyday tasks or a tool for occasional big jobs, a Double Action OTF Knife is the perfect EDC choice. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and offers maximum safety with its unique double-action firing mechanism.

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