Why Double Action OTF Knives are a Must-Have for Every EDC Gear Package

Why Double Action OTF Knives are a Must-Have for Every EDC Gear Package

Out The Front (OTF) Knives are gaining popularity for their convenient, easy to deploy and retract knife blades. OTF knives have a double action mechanism which allows for easy deployment and retraction of the blade at the simple push of a button. Therefore, OTF knives are essential for every EDC (everyday carry) Gear package and here are a few reasons why.

Compact Size

OTF knives are designed to compactly fit in your pocket – they are perfect for those who want to carry a functional, sharp blade without the bulk that comes with a large folder or fixed blade. OTF knives are usually an inch or two in overall length, depending on the length of the blade, and have a very thin profile.

Safety Features

OTF knives come with various safety features to ensure safe operation. This includes:

  • Locking Mechanism: Most OTF knives come with a locking mechanism located near the handle which allows the user to lock the blade in the retracted or deployed position for storage or safe use.
  • Safety Switch: Some models have a safety switch which is engaged when the blade is in the retracted position, helping to protect against accidental deployment of the blade when carrying.

Multiple Uses

OTF knives are incredibly versatile and can be used for multiple tasks, such as opening cardboard, slicing food, and performing light tasks around the home. OTF knives can also be used for self-defense if need be.


Double Action OTF knives are a must-have for any EDC gear package. They are incredibly lightweight, come with a variety of safety features, and can be used for multiple tasks. If you’re looking for a knife that is easy to deploy and retract, an OTF knife is the perfect choice for you.

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